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Chrissy’s Here

Ok, so really, it’s an april fool’s joke. Nikki was right in her post yesterday. I’ll will have it back to the old layout as soon as I am home.

I’m just waiting here with my cousin’s until John shows up so I can get out of here via my car. I brought my rollerblades for the first time on campus. That was pretty cool. Much faster to get around and to class. I’m not as late as normal.

I’m going to let Chrissy write something in my post now, so this isn’t me world!

What up, G? This is Chrissy World. Which entails a boring existence. I just found out that Justin can’t feel in his arms… a strange occurance. Do you know why? Cuz I didn’t. Go Twin’s! Peace out.

Ok, well I’m out. Laterz

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