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Physics Ok…

So let’s start this post with what I again should be doing. I should be studying for a calc quiz that I have in an hour. I’m not going to though. I feel I will be ok when it comes down to it. So I really have a lot to write about and I’m just going to start now. There should be more posts later today, but who knows. My goal for this month, update every day. I don’t think I’ll make it because I have some plans that might conflict… But I’ll try.

Let’s work our way backwards. I just finished a physics quiz this morning. Our group got an answer we liked. We showed all our work. We did a good job. Really… This could be a first in the history of our group quizes that anyone has gotten a 25/25. I guess we’ll see, but no matter how you look at it, it’s a good start to what I believe is the last midterm.

I slept really well last night. I don’t know what it was, but I thought I should mention it. Maybe I was tired because of the physics homework I was up late doing. I don’t really know… But it was a good sleep.

Last night was spent at church. I met up with Nikki right after school was out. We were going to go rollerblading but she had already done that by that time, and so we decided to just hang out in the youth room. We talked with Jane for a little while and I learned some things I never knew about her, like she wanted to be an actress *actor if your using Mr. Minsley’s definition.* I then helped her set up a projector for the youth group she was leading, and Nikki and I headed out.

We went and picked up Maria, then Amber, and then began the pre-church festivities. We spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out our dinner plans and finally decided on Bonfire, a new place in Woodbury we had never been to. I enjoyed my food although I think there was a little to much garlic in what I ate. I don’t know how much the girl’s enjoyed there. I doubt it will become one of our common places, but then again, we may have to go back just to be served by the girl that was in training that night. Overall, I had a good time.

Church was ok. Derek was out of town so Danielle lead the group. It was shorter than normal, which was ok but not ok. I don’t really have a comment on it. Nikki gave a great testimony on school, especially while winging it and being harrassed by certain people in the room. After we were done with that, I took Maria home, subwoofer blaring, and then back to church for lent service.

I got into the Lent service for some reason. It didn’t bother me about the length of the sermon, or the length of the person sharing. I enjoy the music. The message, although not something I was thinking about, was good. It was just an overall good night. After church I chatted with Amber, Nikki, Jenny, and Anna for a little while, then kind of took off. I ended up back at home where I did the forementioned physics homework.

During church Nikki made a refrence to a retreat I wasn’t on. The relevance of that seems minor, but it got me thinking back to the fall fling of 2002. If you wondering what post I’m talking about, it’s this one. Those are some of my best memories in the last year. I think three of them will stick with me for life, althought I can remember everything that weekend down to almost the most minor of details. Maybe there is something in the air up there. If I had the time, I would write again about what I remember and compare it to what I wrote last time… But, I will have to leave shortly here for that calc quiz.

So… Let’s keep working our way backwards. School yesterday wasn’t really worth mentioning considering I wasn’t there that long, plus I had a post from here yesterday as well.

April Fool’s day I had a lot to write about as well, but I’m going to sum it. School wasn’t very fun. I got to go rollerblading which cheered me up drastically and allowed for me to survive the MSA board meeting. The board meeting was ok, but nothing sepecial. After two years of serving on the board.. It’s almost time for me to quit. Let’s see.. I was seated at this meeting. That would be May of 2001. Plus the time spent before trying to get that seat. I suppose I am in the open forum a few times before that… Eh, it was worthwhile to prevent uniforms at MSA as well as get free parking for students. I did my job :-).

That quiz is slowly but surely getting nearer. So away I go. Bye.

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