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All but 39

So.. In less than 8 hours, I have to wake up, drive, and take a physics test I didn’t study for. Why? because I choose to save my CSCI homework till the last minute. Actually, it’s not the last minute yet, because that would be tomorrow at 9am, after my physics test. Either way, I am not worried about the outcome of either the test or my homework. Why? Because I’m 39 points away from completeling HW5. I can print it there, and it looks like two problems that would take me say.. all of 20 minutes.

I’m actually considering brining along like 5 nintendo or gameboy games so that I can start building the SMRC with some data while I rebuild the design. It’s not a bad idea in my mind. Probably gameboy.. Easier to transport.

Had a good long talk with Amber tonight. It’s kinda fun to just sit with each other and listen to what is on the others mind. You don’t need to give advice, you don’t need to be smart. You just need to share in their joy and being there in their pain. That’s all we ask right? I think..

Well, I do need sleep. This is my latest post in awhile, but hey… Night all.

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