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Updated my profile. Such a rare event that has become. School has be on edge. I have this midterm tommorow that I’m not going to study for.
I’ll probably even forget to bring a pencil. Oh well. Spent time at my real high school working on computers. I suppose I do that a lot more than I mention.
That is probably because its my job. It is what I do. It seems to be what I do best. I also seem to know what I do worst. It pays to know yourself. Also attended a youth church thing.
They are always fun. Had pizza, popcorn, and watched Remember the Titans. I recommend the movie. It shows what life was like in the past. If anything, it understates it.
History classes will point that you to you. Segregation was a lot worst than most people like to admit. It is sad. Well, I figure if we can make segregation go away we can make other concepts go away as well.
I’m sure we’ll see such things happening soon. Maybe things like money, fear, hate. Perhaps not…

Todays CD: Nintendo – Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Disc 2
Insite to Life: Many people imitate themselves.

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