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Part 1 – What if?

What if for the next 10 hours I updated every hour on the hour… How weird would that be? I think because it sounds weird and it sounds like something I might be capable of doing today, I’m going to try. So welcome to the routine of Justin’s Day, round 1.

I just woke up, which isn’t completely true, I have been up for some time, just laying in bed. I really don’t have anything I NEED to do today. I do have some things I WANT to do.. Like play Zelda, update the SMRC, and turn some tapes into mp3s. I think I might also clean my computer desk a little if I am going to be doing audio stuff. Yes… You can tell it’s tax season.

Ok, well, I’m going to go start my day with a nice bowl of cheerios, right after I set an alarm for 1 hour from now.

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