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Part 2: Broken Tape Coffee House

So I just spent the last half hour trying to repair a tape from coffee house last night. My dad’s tape deck, the one that was the nicest one in the house, decided to go all angry on me. I don’t know why. That’s ok though, it lives to see another day.

I’m going to start recording it now to the computer. This could be a very very very long process. It was 3 hours of tape after all. Either way, I’m hoping to make at least 1 if not 2 cd’s out of the event. Maybe if Derek thinks it’s a good idea, we will take the cd and have it mastered, and then, reproduced for some sort of weird fund raiser for WLC. Not to bad of an idea.

Lunch is soon, even though I haven’t had my cheerios yet. I guess I won’t get them this morning… Maybe tomorrow or tonight for Dinner.

John just called. Basketball must have fallen through. His site is about to get a new layout, name, and php backbone to it. That will be pretty cool. Hopefully if I do my job right, his site goes from the hit/day he is getting now, to something a little closer to mine :-).

I think I’m going to start building up my town in the war now.. Ok, maybe not yet. Hmm… Well… Time to record the first part of the night – J Dibbs and the Wondertones… I mean.. Doodz A Plen T.