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Part 3 – Grass Hopper Playing Hacky Sack

Ok, not much has happened in the last hour *surprise*. I ate my mac and cheese. That was pretty good. Had some Koolaid, I liked that better. I think I will have more of it shortly, not enough to OD on it though…

I have finished two of the three songs by Doodz A Plen T that I plan on turning into MP3. The sound quality is poor because we had the recording volume set WAY to high. But you work with what you got. If we had something to digitally master Jon‘s guitar volume to proper, or the voices… It could be pretty cool.. Maybe one day.

For those who want to hear it the moment it goes online, you can find it here:
I will have the second one online, and probably the third shortly. They will also be on the church website. Cool? Cool.

Ok, well back to work I go.