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Part 6 – O O O O O Cheerio

Ok, so I didn’t make it to a nap. It probably wasn’t a smart idea anyway if I wanted to try to update this thing. Instead, I took a shower. I nice long, warm, hot, wet, steamy, soapy, bubbly, soothing, good shower. Probably the longest shower I’ve had in some time. It felt really good.

I watched a little BMw, nothing special there. I played a little Zelda… nothing special there.

Amber called. She’s going swing dancing tonight with Jon. That will be lots of fun. If anyone knows what your suppose to wear to something like that, call me. I would really like to know. I hope she has lots of fun.. Swing dancing was the one thing I never did when people asked me if I wanted to go. Come to think of it, I used to decline many things. I think in the end though, swing dancing would be one of them I probably would still decline… Just isn’t me.

I also helped my mom finish my taxes in the last hour. Gotta love those Turbo Tax programs that can do your reports so very very quickly.. As long as you don’t have pages of info to enter. It looks like I might get some cash back. That’s always nice as well. Well, I’m going to go find some cheerios.