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Part 11 – A little Crazy?

So who here thinks I’m crazy. All in favor? Opposed? Abstentions?

I believe that was 7 ayes, 1 nay, and 1 abstention.

So the last hour seems to be more of a regrouping hour. SMRC is getting some updates again tonight. Hopefully the midi section will be done by the time I go to bed. I seem to have run into the challenge of how to select a game that the midi belongs to. Right now, it’s not an issue because I only have 1 game in the Database… However, when there are 80 games, that list will be mighty mighty large… Must be a better way of handling it. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Sim reminded me that I want to be working my way to a new computer. Well, maybe not. It would be fun to be able to play games like UT and Quake with people over a fast connection. But hey, the connection doesn’t support it, and the computer doesn’t support it. I could play from other places… But no, it’s not the same as being on your home system. It never is.

I’m looking for a song “It’s the freak’n weekend”. That’s not the title, but hey.

I wonder how swing dancing is going for Amber. I wonder how work is going for Nikki. I wonder if John is watching a game the Twin’s are winning? I wonder who will join my army next. I wonder if I should get back to work on the SMRC instead of writing these lame posts every 60 minutes.

No email worth mentioning, because that’s what I just checked. Man… this hourly thing…