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Part 12 – Closing Time

Closing Time, turn all off the lights off, over every boy and every girl.

Good song. Very popular back when I was in junior high. Playing on my mp3 deck now. I think it’s telling me to go to bed early. I don’t really want to be up.

Amy has softball tryouts in the morning. What does that mean? Justin can go to Genesis yet again. Will he go this time? Don’t know. He might not even go to sunday school. I think there is youth worship tomorrow night. I’ll probably be there for that.. Maybe not though. I don’t know.

I might help out tomorrow with the youth service thingy. I should help out. I told Katie that I might be there. Don’t know. I really just need sleep.

K, well yes, I’m going to do that and post this 30 minutes earlier than I had originally planned. That’s over 12 updates in 1 day. 12 sad excuses to be at a computer. 12 reasons to write. 12 hours in which I updated. 12 hours of my life that I will now always look back on and know exactly how I wasted them. Crazy huh?

So yeah, bed.