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50’s Straight up

So the morning was pretty normal for a sunday. There was this time shift thing that I wasn’t completely aware of that helped in my not to go to sunday school cause. Genesis was great. High praised did a great job leading, only recommendation… Don’t speed up as the song keeps going. Either way, good job.

After church there was this 50’s rollerblading pizza party. That was cool too. We served pizza on roller blades to the developmentally handicapped. Very cool group of people. Jake did some nasty stuff to his back thinking he could rollerblade. This is why I think I need a helmet… Then again, I didn’t fall going down the same hill.

After church, I went with Nikki and Amber to support Jon and the MSA band. They played in Central Park, a place I had never been to before. I think that might be my new hiding spot, especially if they have the waterfall running. I wonder how late it is open.

Amber then left us 🙁 to have food with Jon :-). So Nikki and I went and got some food. We then called up Maria to go see A Man’s Parts.. I mean A Man Apart. It was ok, not to spectacular. Of course it had Vinn Diesal…

Now I’m home and about ready to go to bed. Why the rush? There isn’t one really. I have one lecture tomorrow. Right at noon too.. oh well. Hopefully it’s sunny out, it would be nice to go rollerblading in the afternoon.

Well, I’m out for the night. Later.