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The Reason We Do This

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To: justin@jrcorps.com ; john@jrcorps.com ; richard@jrcorps.com ; alex@jrcorps.com
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 3:02 PM
Subject: Hello from a stranger…

Justin, John, Richard, and Alex,

My name is –edit-. I am a 35 year old air traffic controller in Louisiana. I am the father of three kids, girl(8), boy(6), and girk(4). My son, boy, had a kidney transplant when he was 1.5 years old. I was the donor. It is a very nasty, rainy day outside. I am off work today and checking on my bank account information…. Thought I would tell you a little about who I am… Usually the first question one would think of when reading a message from someone they do not know.

So here is my story. I have just spent the last few hours browsing through your web sites. How did I get here? Earlier, hours earlier, I was checking my account at my bank. I had a charger on my account for $60.00 from ONUS. I have no idea who or what ONUS was, so I searched ONUS on Sherlock (MAC search engine in the OS). The result yielded a link to a” The Onus” [not Anus]. I read several of the cartoons, laughed and moved on to see what else was available from this site. I spent time visiting all of your sites. I especially like John‘s. I also liked Justin’s journals. I guess I am a few years older than you guys and not really into the internet as much, but with an interest nevertheless. I am amazed at the information you guys share on the internet. I often wonder what my kids will be into as they understand the internet more and get a little older. I hope they can enjoy good times like you.

So just wanted to THANK YOU for entertaining me on this dreary afternoon. Good luck to you guys.


“Organ Donation…
It Saved My Son’s Life!”

I love it when I get email’s from complete stranges who are reading the site. It’s amazing how letting other’s in on your joy can make it double, while, at least in my persective, sharing your pain can cut it in half.

The day for me so far has been pretty good. Went to CSCI after having a good night’s sleep. I’m trying to build a circuit based on something we have been talking about in class for the last few days. It’s kinda fun getting back into those stuff.

Just got back from Pizza Hut with my family. We haven’t eaten together as a family in a long time so it was kind of fun. We played our cards and talked about current family issues like Amy getting a car and Justin not going to class. The normal stuff.

Well, I’m going to put this up. Later all.

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