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Creativity Night

Tonight must be creativity night. Yep must be. Let’s start with a collage I spent time making tonight. I guess it’s all pictures from the last year. Some of them online, some of them not.

I then headed out for a little while. Deposited my check. Came back home. And ended up finding poetry online. So here’s a quote I kinda liked:

For me, intimacy happened not in bed, for instance, but when you took a
Woman shoe shopping or when she carted you off to Brooks Brothers and
Each of you felt so comfortable with each other, that sharing your
Innermost preferences was something way to powerful to resist.

Kenneth Finn

He seem’s to have a lot of great stuff.

After reading his poetry, I ended up writing some of my own. Somehow it made it’s way into the story section of this site. Go figure. Titled: The Picture.

I plan on going to school tomorrow *yes all of tomorrow*. So I think I am goin to go watch my poetry in motion *BMW* and then head to bed.

Night O World

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