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Unable to Sleep

I’m thinking right about now that I shouldn’t have had that code red. At least, I assume it was the Code Red. Perhaps it’s just that I’m not tired yet. I don’t know.

I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to get some circuitry to work. I think my problem might not be that I’m wiring it wrong. I think that maybe my NAND gate is fried. It’s possible knowing me… I used to run 9 volts through devices that were only ment to take 4.5 tops… You should see how fast that can fry a Diode here or a resistor there.

If I can’t sleep here in a few more minutes, I’ll probably try a circuit I know works using the NAND gate and if it fails to function, I’ll surrender to Radio Shack and buy myself a new chip.

So again, because I seem to be in this writing mood, I took the time to write another poem. It too just got posted. This one is titled The Sandcastle. Enjoy.. I’m off to try this sleep thing again.

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