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Waiting for John

So lab sucked. As always. I hate rotational physics. I don’t care about it at all and yet I have to do it. Blah.

It’s tuesday afternoon now. If John drove I get to go home. If John didn’t drive, I might go play DDR in the mall. I guess it’s IT week, and seeing as IT nerds play DDR, they brought it out for us.

Not sure what I’m doing tonight. I think I’m going to head to a park for awhile and watch the sunset. If you feel like joining me, you can play hide and go seek. I’ll give you these hints: I’ve been there in the last month. I’ve been there multiple times in the last month. It’s not the pond. It’s not someplace I found, it’s someplace someone showed me. If I’m there, I probably won’t answer my cell phone. If I’m not there, I probably will. So you can always use my cell phone if you have some place better for me to be.

I was thinking after I might do dinner. Call Sim, Nik, or Amber and head up to Daemon’s and play some trivia. I seem to recall them having a trivia night to win prizes, so it might be kind of fun if we get there on time. Then again, I could have the wrong day.

Where is that kid? JOHN!!!!

I’m being very impatient today and yet my attitude seems just find.

I thought about playing video games all night. Funco… I mean Gamestop, has this 2 for 1 deal going on right now if you buy 2 used games you get 1 free. Not bad when your trying to buy all 800 nintendo games. That’s like buying 524 and getting 266 free.

Well, I’m going outside. Later