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A Simple Chat Based Status Update

ajmicek: how was the U today
jrcorps2: standing last time i checked
ajmicek: did you rollerbladea bout?
jrcorps2: nope, i did that after the u
ajmicek: i understand
ajmicek: how’s life?
jrcorps2: in constant flow
ajmicek: i understand
ajmicek: hows the coursework?
jrcorps2: rather simple, had midterm today that i think went fine..
ajmicek: you know, you are years ahead of anybody else your age
ajmicek: man, you beat the system soundly
jrcorps2: the gain against the system may have beat me in the long run
ajmicek: i doubt it
ajmicek: well regardless, you saved your parents money
ajmicek: thats helpful
jrcorps2: true, and hopefully thereby saving me money
ajmicek: i would imagine so

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