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Lost Time

I feel like I gained a day, or lost a day, or something like that. I’m still overly tired from this morning, that might have something to do with it…

After school, went and bought 3 more Nintendo games with John. Mega Man 4 has made it to the collection. That means only 1 and 6 are left to complete the set. I suppose I could get Mega Man Soccer as well, but I don’t remember if that’s Nintendo or SNES.

Amber was at Best Buy and saw us so she called me. This lead to lunch with Derek and Nikki at Damon’s for the 3rd straight day, 4th time in the last 8 days. We are almost considered regulars :-).

After that I came home and enjoyed the Sun. I took out the camera and tried taking a panoramic shot. I might try to put it together later tonight and put it on the site as part of whatever my next post is. Also on the camera is a bunch of random stuff from the U and 2 cym license plates. Counting the one Nikki hopefully still has, that should be… 10 plates in total? Good math.

I walked my property today. I walked down to the tunnel. I have some shadowy memories there. I walked to the peak point. I have some memories there. I walked to the back of the back 10. I have some memories there. What I don’t have memories of is the pile of limestone 50 feet high right on the otherside our property line.

Also rollerbladed a good chuck of the afternoon. The sun felt good being out in it. Rollerblading backwards is slowly but surely coming… So is jumping. Sim want’s to play tomorrow. We might just have to do that before Kimmy comes.. if that’s possible.

I think I am going to go now… Later world. Hopefully soon: Amber‘s site. John‘s site. The Church’s site. My lab report (that will happen tomorrow morning I’m sure).

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