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What am I doing?

The bubble’s not reality but it’s inside your mind making you forget where your from and what’s behind. Isn’t it suspecious how the world is now your friend?

I don’t know what I am doing inside right now. I should be getting in my car, going back to work, fixing a computer, buying a hockey stick, going to the rink, practicing, waiting for rich to call, playing, waiting for Maria to call, hanging out with Kimmy, sleeping. That should be the order of my day.

I guess Nikki is working. I don’t remember her saying she was but that’s what she said last night, so I guess that means we will probably be taking Kimmy to Sgt. Peppers.

Amy is sick so there is NO movie night tonight. Got that?

Tomorrow is Julie’s party. That should be fun. I’m thinking about resetting my life a little. It has started already anyway.. Why not finish the job.

Sim mentioned the other night that the ratio was off. He might be right. He probably is right. The question is, who needs to fix it? Definently me.

Ok, I’m out to finish this day as fast as possible

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