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Hockey Hockey

So Sim talked me into going to play Hockey afterall. Not only was it cool, but kind of fun. I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to puck handling while on skates. I fell down a good number of times today to, surprise surprise. Still working on that skating backwards thing.

Kimmy is here. Went to Damon’s with her tonight. That would be 4 nights in a row…. She didn’t say much :-(. Perhaps I should have been more attending to her, made her feel… more at home. She smiled though.

We drove around a little bit tonight as well. Had a good talk with Amber and Nikki. Then another good talk with just Amber. 11:42.

I have lots of things I hope to do tomorrow. Mostly caught up work, plus a party that sim and I are going to. Should be fun. Good luck both Nikki and Amber with the interviews tomorrow.

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