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I don’t really have an update so far today, but I felt I better update now if I was going to update at all today. It’s a balmy 70 degrees out in the middle of April. That’s rare. Normally there’s snow still coming down. I’m sure the snow will be back by next monday.

I went rollerblading this morning. Was practicing my stick handling and shooting and backwards skating. I’m getting better at the whole skating backwards. The coolest thing though was that I was skating down my hill and fell. That’s the first time that’s happen for real since I started. I got decent road burn on my elbow and rear. Not quite as severe as some of my friends have had in the last 2 weeks, but my worst one since I started skating. I don’t know why I found it so cool, maybe cause its the first time I’ve had that much blood coming out of my arm in awhile. Nice imagery eh?

What else did I do today. Update my code for my site so that I’m linking to Amber’s new site. Updated Amber’s site and imported all her old entries. She shouldn’t need diaryland at all anymore if she doesn’t want it. There are a few more things I think we should add to her admin panel so that she can edit old entries… We’ll have that shortly.

Let Jon into msa. He has a concert tonight. Go see him.

John is looking for something to do as well.

Sim and I should be in Lino Lakes. Should be interesting. I haven’t been there since March of last year…. Let alone spent a good amount of time with Julie since then either *well maybe once or twice*. Won’t be a big deal. Will be fun.

I’m going to go back outside now and enjoy a few more hours of sun. Later.