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A chat was started. I invited massively. A friend invited massively. We had 15 people in no time. However, the moment we get serious, people left.
I think teens may have a problem with being serious. Either that, or they only enjoy entertainment. I have been following this search for me.
It seems I am more lost and more found than could ever be imagined. I am a christian. I believe in Jesus, God, Forgiveness, Love, and Faith.
However, I no longer know who I am outside these boxes. Everyone is my friend. No one my enemy. I feel no extreme emitions except 2. These two I can not stop.
One is love. Love seems to shine in the darkest places. No matter how hard you try to hide it, it is there. It is eternal. It is passion. You can love many. But do not divide your love.
God is pure love, and deserves only pure love back. Pain is the other emition I can not stop. Pure emitional pain is a killer. Nothing hurts worse than someone you care about rejecting you.
You do not want to be pushed aside because of what you believe to be your accomplishments. You do not want to give it your all, and get nothing in return.
When you do, it is painful. Pain beyond that which most people can endure. Realize now, that Hell, is this. Hell is pain. A pain much greater than that on earth.
For it is true “Life is pain”, but it is much more.

Todays CD: No CD. No Time for CD today.
Insite to Life: “Life is pain, anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something” – So true yet so false.

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