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The Little Miracles

So, I think I have done this in some other post, but I don’t know where… Let’s look at how things just happen to work out to allow me to succeed. Ready?
So I got home from school yesterday and was tired. I rarely do homework until late at night while watching BMW. I just can’t seem to find the motivation or creativity to do so. So instead, I do work on Amber’s site and Denise’s Site.

My mom needed the computer to correct some tax errors for today. So I couldn’t sit there all night. All my show’s were in reruns, so I didn’t have any motivation to stay home. So I did my now becoming normal thing, I went up to Sgt. Pepper’s just to say Hi to Nikki after work. This is where I think two miracles that allowed today to be a success happened.

The first one is that my backpack was in the car. I wasn’t really tired enough to sleep, so I took it out and started on some Math homework that was due today. I got through 2 of the 5 problems before I was ready to sleep. So I turned on my radio to delilia *my 102.9 Lite FM monday night friend*. That helped with the second miracle, me falling asleep.

Nikki thankfully woke me up, otherwise I probably would have slept for another 30 minutes before something in the music would have woken me up. I then headed home to watch BMW.

So, realizing that two things happened, I got sleep and did two problems on my math homework. I then sat down, watched BMW, which lasted just long enough to finish the rest of my math problems. At that point, I was again dead tired so I fell asleep for the night.

Ok, now the morning is where I have the impact. Had I not got my nap, I probably wouldn’t have woken up at 9 when I needed to. I barely made it up as it was. I ran up stairs and took my prelab. I took a shower. I typed up some work. None of it was rushed, except maybe the shower… I ran to my car. I had 30 minutes to get to class. The U is roughly 20 minutes from my house, and I made it here with about 10 minutes to get to class. The walking time to my class is 15 minutes. The running time is much faster, but makes me look like a moron. Miracle 3, my rollerblades were in back. They of course allowe me to get to class with like 3 minutes to spare. It was great. Everything worked out, and that, I thank God for.

I mean, man… Just think of all the little things that work out sometimes. Another one: The weather. Had it been raining I would have had a longer drive time, had to put my sun roof in, and gotten all wet on my way to class, let alone not wanting to rollerblade in the rain… Something as simple as that we rarely take notice of. I think Amber has it right, enjoy the simple things God gives us.

Ok, well I have prelab reading to do, so later diary. John, if you read this, Walter 2:15 or sooner… I have my car.

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