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Ahh Yes

If it isn’t annoyingly obvious, I added a poll to the top of the page. The idea is that I plan on removing the profile section, and moving it into the day. They all have date’s and titles so it fits my scheme pretty well, plus in some way, they were my journal back who knows when.

So yeah, I want to add another section. I had another idea that I didn’t list there, but I might add anyway, is The Timeline… Something that would chronologically show key days in my life, or to put it nicer, look at my entire life in a quick glance.

Who know’s where this site is heading, but now it’s your turn to decide. Vote up on top. I will only be taking one vote from each person, so even if you vote twice, I’m only going to take your first vote.

Just got home from school, so I don’t really know what I’m doing tonight. Maybe I’ll try to gather a group for Damon’s Trivia again. Maybe not. Who knows… No one seems to be around right now, so I think I’ll just head outside and enjoy the weather before it turns into a foot of snow.

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