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Another Win

The normal people could not be found for my trip to Damon’s tonight. Some were sleeping. Some were working on large projects that sound like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Some just didn’t seem to be around. But that’s all cool. Instead I went with my family. They met Adam, the guy server we normally try to get. We played two games of trivia. I racked up something like 3000 player plus points to put me at 42k (go 42). I also won a free haircut at someplace… Cool huh?

It’s raining outside. More of a thunderstorm actually. It’s cool. The bright flashes are all around and they look like they are taking out the annoyingly loud construction vehicles… then again, maybe not.

I love thunderstorms. I love talking during them with people close to you. I love how they can make a dark room seem bright enough just for a second that you can see the face of those around you. I love how they can make you feel closer to God when they knock out the power at a retreat and your whole church group just starts singing without any instruments at 12 at night. I love the way you can feel the rumble deep inside you like it’s coming from you… Just think.. if you could get the level of thunder out of a subwoofer :-).

So far, it’s been just a great day. I think I’m going to go try my luck at some other things now.

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