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On my way here to the computer lab from my physics lab, I started thinking. I started thinking about what I was going to write about in this post. This is what I came up with. The world as a whole does not care that I just had a group problem that our group got but no one else did because I understood the material. The world does not care that I have a calc midterm in an hour. The world as a whole doesn’t want to support anyone. I remember hearing this told at a wedding once.

The minister said to the new couple something like this, “Today you go out into the world. The world doesn’t care whether or not you are happy. The world would rather see you two apart than together. But take heart, for look around in this room. All the people gathered here today are your support. They care about you both. They support you union. It is those friends and family that are close to you that will support you in the long run.”

That’s probably the best thing I remember from that wedding… Either that, or my cousin singing “The Animal Song” as I was video taping the couple leaving the church. To this day, if you ask them to see there wedding tape, you can still here my cousin singing at one of thee most appropriate, but inappropriate times.

Ok, so after thinking about what the world wants from this site, I got to thinking what my friends want from this site. Maybe they want to know that I had a physics lab this morning. Maybe they couldn’t care less. So I paused for a moment and asked myself why I write about those physics tests.

I thought for a moment that maybe it’s because I want to remember it. I want to remember that on this morning, I had a group project that went well. I had a calc quiz that I wasn’t studing for. Maybe it’s my way of remembering all the work I put into being edge-u-ma-cay-ted *inside joke*. But when it comes right down to it, I don’t remember that I had a physics test today. I don’t remember what I did for breakfast. I don’t remember half of what I put here that seems deemed meaningless.

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