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What a Wonderful World

I think sleep is now going to be my official place of life. I rarely have a bad dream. I’m warm. I’m comforted. I wake up feeling refreshed, yet always ready to return to sleep. There are no concerns when you sleep. I took a nap this afternoon after having a good chat with Nikki and Amber. I probably would have slept till morning, but my phone rang and it woke me up. Somehow I missed a call from Maria as well during that time.

This kind of upsets me for two reasons. I did want to do something tonight. Who with didn’t really matter, I just wanted to get out. Maria and Kim wanted to do something with Sim… Something I would have loved to have done tonight, but I was asleep when they called. I probably should have called back, but by the time I would have taken a shower, got cleaned up, and knew what the plan was, it would have been 8:30… Not that it matters, they don’t have school tomorrow.

Nikki calling is what woke me up as well. Had I been doing something then, she could have joined up and we all could have had some fun, but instead the conversation is limited to her playing a joke on me as to what day it is :-). All good fun either way.

I thought about going back to sleep right then and there, but decided I should get some work done so that I can claim I was somewhat productive today. So I put some time into John‘s new site as well. His should be opening this Sunday if all goes according to plan.

It doesn’t feel like Easter to me at all. That’s all I have to say about that. I think I don’t want to deal with being awake again anymore, so I’m either going to go vege out in front of a voidless box of noise, sleep, or answer a phone call.

I remember…
laying in my full size bed, staring down the hallway. I used to live upstairs. The hallway ended where my room began. My bed was positioned so that if I was laying down I could see all that was going on in the living room, hallway, and a little of Amy’s old room. My mom would read us books from the little center area. Book’s like the Chronicles of Naria, and The Box Car Children. To my right, was my fish tank. I never shut the light off, so the blue and red pebbles would glow all night with a nice glow and hum. I would watch those fish swim around for hours at a time. So simple to have fish. I had Disney Wallpaper then. On the ceiling for a light shade, I had a ceramic clown. For some reason, that clown always made sense to me. Maybe because I’ve had it since I was born. This room would be the location of many memories to come.

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