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A Not So Normal Time

I don’t have many recent post’s at this time of day so here goes.

In my last post, I mentioned that I thought it kinda sucked that I didn’t get to do anything. Well low and behold, Maria calls me 20 minutes after that posts and wants to know if I want to go to Applebee’s. Sure I said. So off I went.

Somehow, I beat them there. Funny part was I ended up having plenty of tables to visit anyway. Dibbern’s were there, that was cool. Said hi to the family and then went to my other table which Ben, Mike, and Cory were sitting at. Ben is thinking of getting a new car now that his camero is dead. Cory was talking about his new car. And Mike, well…. Mike is Mike.

Some girls, Beth and Liz, sent us some cake. More specifically, they sent Ben and cory cake. Here’s hoping Liz likes Cory *hush hush*.

I then met up with the group I was there in the first place with. Nikki, Maria, and Kimmy. We ordered food we really didn’t want to eat. Stole another object. Watched Kimmy make funny faces at the food. And just chatted. It was a great time in my mind. Much better than sitting on the couch and watching BMW.

I then came home and chatted. Alex showed me this really cool site that I am not going to point on this site because I know the people who are reading this might use it to get someplace that probably shouldn’t be. Knowing that, let me just say.. It’s a really really cool site. Thank you for showing it to me Alex.

Tomorrow it looks like I might go to school, then possibly a drive in? Who knows!

I remember…
Sitting on the floor of the great hall all gathered round. I remember them calling off the names and being glad how soon after my girlfriend’s name I was called. I remember her not being very happy with me. I remember her ditching me to go with her best friend. I then walked with my camera and pondered what I had to do and why I was having such a hard time doing it on my way to find people. My friend’s of course were all at Wizard’s so I met up with them. We hung out there for awhile then met up with the girl’s again. I don’t remember to much inbetween here and the ride home. But I rememer the ride home so vividly. We sat together toward’s the front of the bus and after realizing what I had to do, we held hands. Simply held hands. That changed everything. We got off the bus and she was all excited. I never left school right away… Ever… She did that day though, but right as she left she gave me a hug. Looking back on it now, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal… But I will always remember that being the first time I held hands with a girl.