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To Clean, or Not to Clean

I had the weirdest series of dreams last night. They were all pretty funny, if I could remember them, but man… I think thats the most dreaming I’ve done in awhile that I could remember.

My car and family is missing. This implies that the shop is looking at my truck and seeing what needs or can be done to it today. I hope to get it back by tonight so that if we go to drive-in, I have it… It’s a little cold for a drive in, but eh, we may do it anyway.

I don’t really have much else to say other than a car isn’t back within the next 45 minutes… I won’t be going to class. I would take the bird, but it doesn’t have an engine :-(. I suppose if I left now on bike or rollerblades… Ok, not the best idea.

I remember…
Sitting in a my new youth pastor’s car racing against Sarah and Anders on the way home from Damon’s Dinner Club. I remember a girl that I had just met yesterday sitting in the passenger seat, with me behind her. She was an interesting girl, seemed to be high on life and always be smiling. She had guts I know at the time I didn’t possess because she asked me to dance at Starlight the night before. I didn’t know it then, but that weekend, both the dance we shared at Starlight and the race home from Damon’s where we ended up driving 6 extra miles because Derek got on freeway, was the start of a great friendship. It was the weekend I met Amber.