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Easter In….

I feel like an almost normal post.

Woke up early this morning to get to church. I didn’t sleep well last night. I was like on the verge of sleep the whole time but never quite got there. I know there was a thunderstorm, and that my dream and the thunderstorm were related and somehow all of them could be divided by two… I don’t know. It was a very very weird dream yet again. I know I also was awake enough at 3am to drink a can of code red I leave next to my bed in case I need to fall asleep.

Yes, I did say fall asleep… For some reason, my body can’t take massive amounts of caffiene when it’s tired. It just knocks me out cold faster than I can remember. It’s so weird considering for most people, it keeps them awake. There’s a weird side affect though. Just moments before I fall asleep I get really really warm really really fast. It’s like overloading the system to get it to stop… sometimes it works.

So yeah, woke up early to go to church. There we practiced for the Easter service. I kinda like being coordinator. It’s good to know that I can make some decisions as opposed to being indecisive. Amber had the brilliant idea to get headset’s for tomorrow as well. That should work well.

The group went out for Pizza Hut after practice. I hug around with Amber and High Praise and helped a little with sound. I then became a church rat for awhile and just laid down in sanctuary. It’s such a calming place. So peaceful.

I then came home and really have no recolection of what I did. I think I helped my parents look at cell phone plans, and followed some people around our house that we were giving a tour. I don’t know, I know I decided to take a nap though. So that’s what I did. Then I took a shower.

Amber had called again sometime during that period and suggested we go up to Sgt. Pepper’s. So that’s what we did. We had a long question filled conversation. I enjoyed it, and I hope she did as well. Maybe learned some stuff that was worth while. Nikki soon got off work as well, and then they went over to buy some clothes for Amber tomorrow. I went to Best Buy and purchased Notting Hill.

I then proceeded to KT’s house. There we watched Sweet Home Alabama. I do like that movie. Yes, yes I do. Now I am home again.

So I have two choices at this point. I can crawl into bed and sleep for 4 hours, or try to stay awake for another 8 hours. I know I capable of both. I kinda feel like going and watching Notting Hill though. That’s what I want to do. But eh. I should sleep, that is afterall the right thing to do. Gotta be up bright and early afterall.

Well post, check out John‘s site… It’s launched. I’m out for the night.

I remember…
The first time I saw Notting Hill was with my family. I remember not wanting to go. I remember the theatre being next to empty because it was like the last week it was in theatres. I remember laying down on the movie theatre seats in Kerasotes and trying to sleep. It was a sappy movie, why would I want to watch it? Something about that changed though at some point. I’m not really sure when either. I remember the one thing that turned it off though the first time I watched it, and really, it’s still my least favorite scene in the movie. The one where he is walking seasons. I think it’s a cool transistion, but.. It’s just a little long and drawn out for me. But in the end, the movie still has taught me, that happiness, just isn’t happiness, without a violin playing goat.

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