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He is Risen Indeed!

It feels like today will never end. Not in a bad way, not in a good way either. It just seems like the longest day I have had in awhile. I got home last night, based on when I posted, sometime around 11. I went to bed sometime around midnight. I woke up sometime around 4. Not much in the way of sleep… But enough.

Easter service went fine. Dry ice not top notch, and we had a few minor glitches with sound, but me and Amber make a good sound team. If one of us misses it, the other one is sure to get it. Definently! There was a good turn out as well. I left the walky talkys there like I left them at Katie’s last night. I feel so dumb. I might just have to stop by Amber’s later tonight and pick them up so I can return them to MSA.

After church I came home. Man… That’s the first time in awhile I can remember being home that early on a sunday morning. I barely knew what to do with myself. That, however, was soon fixed when my sister discovered her purchased yesterday hamster was found to be missing. Go figure… We still don’t know how it got out.. but it did. We haven’t found it yet, but Amy doesn’t seem to be to worried about it. I suppose she hasn’t known it that long. We’ll be lucky to ever see that thing again.

After hunting for the hamster for awhile, I went and watch the DVD I planned on watching last night. Notting Hill of course. Such a good movie for me. I don’t know why. I really gotta find a way to work the expression ‘sod a dog’ into my vocabulary. It would be so cool, that and a british accent.. Ok maybe not.

After that, I helped my dad start to make ice cream. We stole the dry ice this morning from church after it was over. We used that to freeze the ice cream. Worked pretty well actually. I haven’t any yet, but I’m sure I will either tonight or over the next few days.

Sometime after that, my family started doing a Star Wars marathon. Why they didn’t watch 1 or 2 I don’t really know. But they made it through 4, 5, and 6. I didn’t really want to be awake so I took a nap. I had yet another weird dream, but again it left me right after I woke up.

And now, I just spent the last 30 minutes getting my computer back together. Why was it apart? I had an empty pci card slot after removing the second modem. What did I put into it? Tv Card… No, not this time. This time I put my spare video card in. It took a few trys to get all the cards in their right slot and reinstalled, but now I have a dual monitor system again. I don’t really like my right monitor.. It’s to small, but thats ok. It should work for Winamp and Chats and cutting and pasting.

And now, I am updating this. I had to someday afterall :-). Maybe I’ll finish some web design work. There’s always plenty of that. Oh that reminds me. I was so tired last night that I cut and pasted the vote scores in but didn’t really refrence them. As you probably would have figured, the general public wants to be entertained, so to satisfy their needs and wants, we’ll see about making a game based on this site. Hmmm… what could I do…

Hey I know I didn’t make a big deal out of it with the first half of this post, but I’m going to now. So what does Easter mean to me? Not baskets full of candy *although I always thought they tasted good*. Not some day where we just decide to go to church early. It’s a day of celebration. A day of excitement. We need to remember that today is the day our lord overcame death. And as Derek put it so nicely this morning, gave us the foundation, the requirement, the need for our faith. It truly is amazingly wonderful. So spend some time celebrating faith today, afterall, what did a bunny ever do for you?

I remember…
A time when my faith wasn’t my own. It’s interesting how people have these turning points sometimes and don’t even realize them happening. When your a kid, you think it’s rather boring to go to church. You wonder why this guy in the front comes back every sunday to tell you how to some dude died weird shaped wood for something called your ‘sins’. You may have been lucky enough to understand what those words ment by the time you were 5 or 6, but still, what was the point? And yet, the funny part is, I can tell you now that that was one of the strongest periods of faith I had. Maybe it has something to do with how gullible children are, but I think there might be something to that. You could say, they all have faith in those around them. I suppose that’s why it’s written that we should have the faith of a child.

But yeah, I can remember the beginning of the turning point coming in 7th grade when I met a man named Steve. He did a lot for me that year, just allowing us to talk through life in our small groups and then relate it to how God felt about it. My faith grew even more with the help of Christian Heyer. And then you have one of those life changing events where it just all makes sense. To make the long story short, God saved my life and while doing so, proved his existance. That’s when I found my faith.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to say that I’ve had the world’s strongest faith since then, but that is another memory, but I can say now, that with the exception of being a child perhaps… That my faith is at one of it’s strongest points.

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