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A Little Off

I woke up this morning and honestly didn’t know what day it was. This has happened a few times in the last week, but thats ok. I figured it out fairly quickly and got myself ready for that faitful trip to school.

Why so faitful you ask? No reason. It just had to happen that’s all.

Math was boring. They didn’t give us back our midterms but I guess from what they have graded so far, it’s not looking good. That’s ok though, I don’t NEED to do well on this one, it just would have been nice.

I have a physics lab in like an hour. No one knows what we are supposed to do for it in preperation. I don’t think our TA told us. I’ll just look over the ones I think we should be doing.

Nikki leaves tomorrow for Disney World. Lucky her. Amy seems to be pushing me to go this summer again, which would be fun, but eh, I wanna go now so I don’t have to go to school. JEALOUS AM I! ok, enough of that. She’ll have a great time of that I am sure.

Amber is also leaving me this weekend. She should have a pretty good weekend as well at Concordia.

That means basically that I will be spending the weekend with the Guys. Probably a movie night of some sort on friday so that Kimmy and Rich can meet. Maybe a little bit of the video game thing as well. Probably same thing on Saturday, although I feel like I have plans for that day.

In other JR Corps news. Alex is up for a redesign again. Should be interesting to see if he can pull this one off… the color scheme is one that is hard to work with in my mind. John seems to be working his way to updating as often as me.. I don’t know if he can do that or not.. We shall see. I should probably suggest to him that he start using line breaks. Oh John, if you read this, I drove today. If you wanna ride, you know where.

Ok, I gotta go get that lab prep stuff done. L8r.

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