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It’s a sunny sunny day

Again, just woke up after having a series of weird dreams. I’m noticing a pattern that everytime I have a weird dream, by the morning, my bed ends up in shambles with my pillows on the floor along with half my sheets. Come to think of it, the dreams aren’t really that weird either.

So let’s talk about the last 24 hours. We’ll start with saying a big semi late happy birthday to Beth. We told her yesterday, but I failed to post here. So… Happy Birthday to Beth. You can now do all the legal things we do. I hope you had a great day, and sorry we missed you later last night.

Now we all wonder, what did we miss her for. Nikki got off work early last night, which was good considering how late she would have had to work had she got caught by the mad rush of wild, twins, and t-wolves fans. Since it was trivia night, we decided to go up to Damon’s and play a little. It was good to see her before she leaves today for Orlando. Here’s hoping she takes lots of pictures to share with everyone.

Since Nikki know’s what Amber’s surprise is, I guess I can share now. Amber won some pretty good tickets to Matchbox 20. I think it’s great that Amber and Nikki are going to be able to go to this concert now. I know Nikki is really looking forward to it :-). Even cooler news is that Jon‘s going to go with Amber to her prom . Not that I wouldn’t love to go with Amber, I’m just not that keen on running into my past.

Let’s see.. What else can I talk about. Tonight at church we are starting something on conflict resolution. It will be interesting to see how much of this I think applies to my life. I don’t get in very many ‘conflicts’ persay, and when I do, it’s normally something minor like, where should we eat for dinner tonight or what movie should we watch. Very rarely is it something big.

I wanna write some satire. It’s so difficult in my head to do because you have to be very witty about doing it. You can’t just say things that don’t make sense. You have to think about it completely backwards and then go about putting it in some light that people have never seen before. You have to… bend reality. Maybe with practice it will grow to be something I’m good at. Maybe not.

Hamsters, dogs, cats, horses, cows and even sheep, are some of the smartest creatures this side of the milky way. After billions of years of all that stuff Darwin was going on about, the class of animals on earth known as domesticated animals has somehow gotten other species around them to do all the work for them. The weird part about it is that the species that are doing the work, don’t even realize their being used. Every day these humans, as they are called on Earth, wake up, feed them, bathe them, walk them, and even pick up their by-products. So what if every now and then the weakest one has to die so that the humans can be fed. As long as their servants are around, they can lay on their backs, eat, make noise, and even have sex, whenever they want. Now that, is the life.

Ok, well that was a sad attempt. Time to close out this post to go take a shower for school. Maybe I should try to bring back the I remember thing now as well.

I remember…
Our first family trip to Disney World. Our family didn’t know all the tricks of Orlando then so we didn’t have all the cool stuff we had before. We stayed at the Days in and every day we would get up in the morning and get on a bus that would take us to whatever park was our destination. I can almost remember some of the people on the bus because for me, that was the first time I had ever been on a city bus.

I can remember thinking the musical show on the magic kingdom stage was the coolest. They had all the talking characters and good songs that I knew when I was a kid. I can remember not wanting to go on King Kong after seeing all the fire. I remember Ghost Buster’s being where I went instead because they were so cool. I can remember going to McDonald’s for breakfast one morning and thinking I was going to be sick. I can remember going to a character breakfast at the grand flordian *which ironically is where Nikki is staying*.

No one knew then that we would come back time after time, each time learning more secrets about Orlando than many of the tourists know. Like for example, if your going to Orlando, you want a rental car if your not staying on Disney. *If your staying on Disney, it’s generally faster to walk to something than to try to have a car. They have so much internal transportation from farry’s, to monorails, to bus’s, and of course… sidewalks.* Heck, I even know the names of some of the road’s in Orlando. Like for example, the most important one is known as “I-Drive” to all the locals. It’s really name is “International Drive” but no one want’s to say that. Along I-Drive you can find all your normal fast food places as well as some really cool speciality places like Race Rock and that place next to it that I can’t remember the name. Man… I could go on for hours talking about my trips to Orlando, but I won’t… I’ll stop here.

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