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Consulting Conflict

Based on the message on my message center when I got home from church, Nikki is Orlando safely. YAY, I’m sure she is already out partying or getting settle in the hotel or something. I’m so excited for her :).

Decided that Wednesday’s at least for now will be my default work days at MSA, so after school I headed up there. We seem to be missing a cd which is going to cost us a nice 30 bucks. I wish I could find the stupid thing.

Jon got a phone from the school. That’s cool.

Amber and I got Chipotle and Noodles, respectively. That was fun. We ate and talked a little about our days, our lives, prom, and her website. So much work to be done I tell ya. Amber, I updated it a little, but yeah, I’ll get to it.

She then proceeded to stuff envelopes until she was sick. Literally. Now we could blaim the envelopes. We could blaim the chipotle. But the likely thing is that fishy food from Sgt. Pepper’s on Monday. Stupid sea food, that’s what we get for not going to Champs/Red Lobster :-).

Tonight at church was pretty cool. We started a session on conflict resolution. They gave us this test to rate us on certain aspects of how we deal with conflict. I would have liked to have posted the test here just to see what kind of results I could get, but it seems it’s copyrighted. I talked with the Phyl Burger, the lady in charge of the *seminar*. It seems she might be a interested in some of my services as well, so perhaps I picked up yet another fun research project/computer project.

That reminds me, I REALLY REALLY want to spend some time doing GIS. I mean common… Gig’s of data for the sole purpose of maps. I think that is just the coolest.

I really want to write some stuff right now, but nothing is really coming to me. I have a physics test early in the morning so I should probably get to some homework related to it, maybe even memorize some formulas. Who knows. I don’t want to be there, let alone wake up.

I know this makes my post really out of order, but I really enjoyed being at MSA today. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked that amount of time. I didn’t clock because I didn’t really get anything done, but still. Maybe I’ll go in again tomorrow if I have nothing else to do. Afterall, there is a new T1 line. Who care’s if I can’t get done what NEEDS to be done. Which reminds me, time to bounce back to some satire on tonight’s earlier topic *TALK ABOUT OUT OF ORDER POST*

So I thought this conflict thing might be really helpful for me. However, as it turns out, it’s more about our ability to communicate with others than it is about our ability to resolve conflict withing ourselves. I, however, said something quite witty tonight and thought it might be worth typing… Let’s see if I can say it again :-).

People in life have conflicts, most of which, including those you don’t think you have, are within yourself. They lurk in your mind acting as this thing everyone likes to call a concious, but really, it’s just some big debate between two idea’s in your head that determines how you deal with inner and outer conflict. Now, what’s funny about this is how many people deal with conflict. Many of them need to fight. They need to take it out on someone. So if the conflict is with themselves… why wouldn’t they take it out on the wall. They pound on the wall, the bed, the floor, their sister, the window, or anything else that might be within reach. Only when they realize that the wall isn’t the problem, do they realize that yes, they should have been beating up their own heads. However, this doesn’t resolve anything either except getting yourself sent to the trauma unit of some hospital that sounds like it was named after some heavenly object, which of course only is there to serve as a reminder that your on your way to death because of the injury you just endured. In turn, this leads to further denial of self until, finally, some voice wakes up and you realize you’ve been going about this whole process wrong.

Happy? No? Oh well.

Maybe we should do the memory thing again. I kinda like doing it afterall. It seems to add a touch of rememberance to the whole thing. And hey, a few more words to read. Wait, before I do that, I had an idea earlier today for a book. If I ever write a book that is. For my own reasons, I won’t say what it is here, well I will, but no. So there, ok now onto the memories.

I remember…
Sitting at home on a friday night with my family in the upstairs living room. I was to the left, my sister to the right. I don’t think at first that my dad was in the room, and my mom was behind us folding clothes. We had been watching Family Matters on TGIF when it all started.

They broke in and said that they had found the white bronco driving down the highway towards what looked to be his house. I of course had no clue why this was important, but as the evening went on, I grew to understand that some OJ Simpson football player was running away from the cops. I can be remember being upset because they were interupting my Boy Meets World :-).

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