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If I’m not

Eh, that was a sucky group quiz. They never help my scores at all when they suck that bad. Doesn’t matter either way. I have enough points to pass, that’s all that matters. I wonder how I will do on the calculas quiz. Maybe I’ll go sit in Northropp and study for awhile just to insure something about an 8 out of 10.

I just downloaded some CSCI homework which looks to be kind of fun as well. Instead of a bomb this time, we are trying to optimize a program. It’s almost like trying to make a game run faster, except, this time, it’s for points. Kinda cool.

I must say I’m currently rather impressed with the number of updates John has produced. We should all cheer him on in his good work on building his new site. John, we like you in this world :-). I did run into John this morning, that was kinda fun. Met up with him in Rushhour traffic and walked with him to campus when we got here.

Haven’t heard from Amber, but I hope she is feeling better. ok, one memory and then I’m out.

I remember…
My first day on campus here at the U. John and I decided to stick together to figure out the system so that we knew what we were doing. I remember that we went to the bookstore, I think because John needed another book or something. When we were done, we went out the back way and sat on the ledge.

I remember this really friendly girl coming up to us and making small talk. The joke was that when she asked me what I was, I would say I’m a junior, in highschool. Apparently I don’t look like one. Even now I can’t get away with saying I’m a senior… Oh well.

I also remember getting lost a lot. I kinda wandered campus just so I knew my way around. I ended up places that I know I haven’t been yet. Some of them were pretty cool, which makes me wonder if I could ever find them again if I wanted to go back… I would get so disorientated… It’s amazing how familiar something becomes after we’ve wandered it a few times.

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