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A look towards tomorrow

1 Hour From now:
I will either have fallen into a deep sleep until tomorrow of managed to stay awake just to watch Boy Meets World.

11 Hours from now:
I will take a physics quiz that I won’t do well on. That’s ok though. I will live.

24 Hours from now:
I’ll probably be doing a drive in or movie night or DDR with Maria and Kimmy. Not to mention saying goodbye to our new found friend. Hopefully she keeps reading the site and maybe even dropping me a few IM’s now that she knows me in person.

Within a week:
Nikki will return from Flordia and attend a Matchbox 20 Cocert with Amber. I will continue to go to school. Possibly go clubbing again for the first time in about 3 years, either that, or on the Junior High retreat.

Within the month:
Prom if I’m going, which I don’t think I will. May Term will start if I go. Finals will take place at the U. That one saturday will suck because of an 8am CSCI final. ERG. Maybe I can talk the professor into letting me have my A despite the final.

Within 3 months:
Emperor’s Ball. Graduation *as if I even seem to care about it*. Summer will start. Derek is on my case about mission trips that I won’t be on. Sonshine will probably be something I’m not with. I might actually go back to getting a lot of work done mode. That would be different for a change. Justin foresee’s many changes coming in his life.

Within the year:
School again. Work more. Work Harder. Biggest decision I think I will have to make is to move out or not. Either that, or one involving relationships. I have always hated those.

Within 5 years:
Who has a clue.

I was tired after watching friends so I crawled into bed with the laptop. I thought about just going to sleep, but it seemed to simple. I was going to read Douglas Adams, but that seemed overly complicated. So I decided to read something about someone. It happened to be Amber’s diary. I read through all the posts from beginning to end. It’s amazing the things you don’t remember or never read. It makes me wonder about what I have in some of my own posts. I don’t think I dare go back and try to read them all though, at least… Not in one night.

I am tired so I think I am going to go again.

I remember…
going clubbing. We always went to the Playground off of Como Ave. It took me awhile to get used to the enviroment, and I never really got used to the stranger aspect of it, but I did learn to have fun. I can remember actually getting really into the whole idea of dancing at the club. So much so, that I can remember Jessami saying something like “Wow, Justin, I never thought I’d see you doing this that well” or something like that. That actually might have been the last time I went. Now if only I could remember the reason I decided I didn’t want to go anymore…