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Don’t Stay

Linkin Park’s new stuff has made it to my collection thanks to a donation from Evil Rob. So far, I’m not overly impressed, but it’s not that bad. I think I still prefer their old stuff as well. I’m kinda liking this one titled don’t stay though.

I spent the afternoon DDRing with Rob and Evil Rob. I don’t mention them to often here so maybe I should remind people who they are. They are both my college buddies. I met them in CSCI 1901 when I noticed they were playing Tetris. I just kinda tagged along after that :-). But yeah, we dipped out to Gameworks and played some DDR Extreme, the latest and greatest version of DDR to hit America. It still doesn’t have smoke on the water, which I felt was upsetting, but I’ll live. They had some new stuff though, as well a lot of the old stuff. Hey, as long as it has Healing Vision, I’m happy :-).

Shortly here I hope to get ahold of Richard and take off with Maria and Kimmy to the Drive-In. I believe it’s Kimmy’s last night, so it would be nice to have some fun with her, and to give her a chance to meet Sim.

I wanna heal. I wanna feel. Like I’m close to something real. I wanna find something I wanted all along. Somewhere I belong – Linkin Park

K, I’m out now.