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Cold Be Gone

I swear in the last few hours I have let more water out of my nose than I’ve taken in in the last few days. Maybe that has something to do with the light headedness.

Cars went around in circles again today. I watched most of it from my bed. Gordan did ok… At least he finished. Johnson crashed on the last lap. That’s the 3rd time this year he’s done something like that at the end of the race. That’s ok. Good race non the less.

I don’t want to really have to think, but I should be working on a lab report. I think though I will try to do that tomorrow. Eh. Eh.

Amber just triggered a memory about missing people. So I thought I would share it.

I remember…
a time before I could drive. I was dependant on my parents to go everywhere. This of course isn’t a good thing when the person you want to see lives a good distance away. I remember wanting to be at a walking event… Well… It was supposed to be a running event, known as Race for the Cure. I wanted to go and just be with the team. My parents of course wouldn’t drive me so I was stuck at home. Wishing I could have been somewhere else. Eh, I got over it though.. Just like I want to get over this cold!

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