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HAHAHHAHAHAHHA almost great day! Yeah so I wake up, get to class, find out I passed a Econ midterm *always good*. I then proceeded to multiple more classes. Afterwhich I hopped on a bus, did something, then went to my highschool.
Learned that some people are talking about getting uniforms for the school. I can’t let that happen. I don’t think the students want them. I know they dont. After that, I hopped in the car and went to the Wolves Vs. Lakers.
Great game… We got there and the Wolves took the lead. Half time came and we were up by like 8. But that wasn’t the surprise of the night. BLUE MAN GROUP WAS THERE! yeah! Thats right!
The men from the Intel commericials. LIVE! It was great. They even climbed the stands and ran into the boxes. It was so cool. We then proceeded to watch the rest of the game, which the Wolves did win. Rather big as well.
Afterwards, a leak in info got out on my part. Almost caused negative things. But people understood me, and all was good.

May I recommend the Blue Man Cd. I dont know what its called or where to get it, but they rock! I wanna be a blue man. BLUE HIS HOUSE!

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