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That Does It

So there is a trick to beating colds… take the PROPER medication. You can pop pills all day that realive headaches and the such, but if you don’t take pills that are a decongestant, you won’t get anywhere. I realized this about 5am this morning when I decided whatever it was I was taking just wasn’t helping me breathe or sleep.

What’s really scary is how well they have the timing right on these pills. It says take them once every 6 hours. Well, I took them at like 5:05 and at about 5:15 I could breathe. It’s now 11:20 and it’s starting to get hard to breathe again. I’ll pop a few more here before I leave.

This could be a really long week if this cold doesn’t go away. I probably won’t do the 7th/Ever night because of it. I probably won’t go out tomorrow because of it. Hopefully I will be better by wednesday so that I can go to church… But if I’m not… BLAH!

I wish I could remember if I have any major tests this week. I actually think I’m done with them until finals week. That would be cool.

I need to go take a shower… So… Yeah. Later.

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