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Doggy See Doggy Doo

Well. Math lab went well. I found out I’m rank 9 in my class, which is good. If I can boost that 2 or 3 more notchs by the end of the semester I should get an A. That would be nice.

John has been updating more than me in the last 72 hours. I think that should be taken as a challenge that I need to update more again. Then again, He is something like 300 posts behind me, so he has a way to go before he catches up.

What I find interesting about his updates though are that they are slowly but surely getting longer. I think it’s a side affect of starting to do this over and over again. You start getting good at rambling about whatever is on your mind. For example, this entire paragraph was next to pointless for anyone because the point of it was to state an observation made that in reality probably has no bearing on anyone’s life what so ever.

I just spent the last 15 minutes walking to my car to get my wallet. Lately I haven’t been caring it, probably as way to prevent myself from spending money. I used to have this theory that said if I wasn’t carring money, I wouldn’t buy anything. Sound theory.

The problem with not having your wallet though is that when you need something like your ID card, you don’t have it. So you have to walk to wherever you are keeping your wallet and hope that it’s there. For me, I’m almost always within range of my car, so I just leave that stuff in my car. However, I think I will go back to my watch, wallet, phone, keys, check. That way I’m always carrying everything I need.

I should be meeting up with PK in a few minutes here. He has my fight club DVD’s hopefully.

This post I think is done. Bye bye.

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