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An earlier start

I’m going to try to get an earlier start to today. There is a lot to be done so I best be on my way.

I would like to finish some homework for CSCI. This means spending a good chunk of time in the computer lab at the U of M. I hope to get there shortly with about an hour to work on it before class, and then maybe work on it again after class.

There are 3 things, however, that are getting in my way of working on it after class. The first thing, is that right after class I have to go to Lind 128 for some registration thing. I’m a little annoyed that they are treating me like a freshman, but what can you do. As long as I get to register soon… Very very soon.

The second thing on my agenda requires being in woodbury. I have to go to the Bakery and take some pictures. I told them 3:00 but it looks like I probably won’t make that. I’ll have to show up late, probably more like 5:00 and grab them on my way to church. Church would be the third thing on my agenda for tonight. That should at least be fun.

I’ll miss Amber and Nikki tonight as they are out having fun with Matchbox Twenty. I hope they have a great time and that they get some great pictures.

OK, well… time for me to depart. Later

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