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Incoming Changes

Last night I got home late. Really really really late. Something like 11:30. It’s weird how God works though. However, I’m going to start with the present before I go into the past.

I just finished reading John‘s post, and if he reads this before he talks to me here’s what happened from my end yesterday, and what should happen today. Yesterday, I was in the computer lab when you called. I don’t know how you missed me, maybe it was because I was on IT 108 instead of IT 110. With that in mind, I could have left had I gotten the message in time that you wanted a ride home. I, however, had decided to stay at the U of M till 6pm because I didn’t run into you and I wanted to get some important homework done. With that in mind, it probably worked out for the best from my perspective.

As for today, I agree. No DDR Extreme. Maybe we should save that for our last thursday (next week), or summer (very soon). I know I have May Term, but we got plenty of time to go play DDR. I didn’t get from my post whether or not John wanted to go home earlier, but I will assume he does, so John, if you read this, Huron Parking Complex around 11, you might want to call. I’ll wait probably till 11:20.

Later today will be what I think is my last full MSA Board Meeting. Amazing huh? Over 2 years served. I would like to take this time to thank the student’s of MSA, the staff of MSA, and um, anyone else that help support creep (The Campaign to RE-Elect the President). It’s been fun.

Ok, let’s hop backwards. So I hung around church after it was over to make sure Derek didn’t need anything. It turned out he did need something, and that something turned into a really big project that needed to get done. Let’s talk first about how God work in two ways in this situation. The first one we never would have thought of. Danielle needed a paper by today that Derek had written for her. She didn’t make it back to church until 11:15, which, by that point, it was already locked. Derek and I were of course still in the parking lot working on our project. Derek was therefore able to get her into the building and get her what she needed. My bet is that she was praying Derek was still there when she got there.

The second way was a side affect of the project we were working on. And although this is going to cause some weird things to happen, and I know that my friendships aren’t based on my ability to do this, but… Justin will no longer be paying anywhere (we) go for anyone other than himself. There are a few exceptions this rule, but we won’t get into those because they are going to be the most dire of circumstances. I apologize now for any decrease in the amount of fun we get to have. If you have questions or concerns as to how this may affect your life, please feel free to talk about it with me.

On another note, this is only one of the many changes that I hope we will be seeing in some of my behaviors. The other ones I will work up to, hopefully. I myself am going to have a hard time not paying for people. So just to emphasis how I am going to do this:

I will no longer carry my plastics – they have proven to be overly dangerous in the war against drugs.

Will only carry enough cash to pay for myself *with some to spare in case of emergencies.*

Will ask that his friends try to resist him paying for things at all costs.

Is considering starting a new budgetary account. This one is a little more iffy in my mind and here’s why. If I do that, it’s for a different reason. It’s because I want to save money, not because I don’t want to pay for other people. Although interestingly enough, not paying for people should cause me to save money… Go figure.

Will encourage that we do things that don’t cost money – again, not so important, but will insure that I’m not pushing people to spend money they don’t have. On the upside of this one, I honestly believe that friendships can be built stronger doing things that are free than doing things that cost money. The only except here might be DDR :-), although, if we know we are doing, we can find that for free as well.

Ok, so that’s the plan. I think out of concern that people are a little used to me paying, I’m going to issue warnings to people before we do things that cost money. So for those of you that I repeatidly see, and will repeatidly tell you that I’m not paying.. I apologize. It’s more of a safety mechanism than me trying to annoy you.

I should mention one more thing. If it’s something I own that I am sharing with you. That isn’t going to count. For example, I’m not suddenly going to start charging people for gas, rides, movie rentals, food that’s in the house, use of the server, crayons, or anything stupid like that. And lastly, Ex Post Facto is in affect as well. Assuming I have the right latin term, that means, no one should pay me back for anything I already paid for. What’s done is done.

Ok, enough about my least favorite subject in the world.

Nikki and Amber went to MB20 last night as I am sure I mentioned here yesterday. I missed their calls because of the project I was working on, but I hope they had a good time. I’m sure I will hear all about it tonight either before or after the BOD meeting.

Ok, I have a calc quiz in a little while here, so I think I am actually going to do some practice problems here for a little while. Maybe I can earn me a 10 on what should be the last or second to last quiz of the year. *Shout’s WOOT!*. I hope we don’t have Course Evals. Later post.

I remember…
the first show event I ever really went to. I mean real show. I could say it was the beach band at Valley Fair, but that doesn’t count. The first real show I ever saw was Jesus Christ SuperStar. We saw it at the opherum, the same place we would later see it again and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The show at the time was probably a little to much for my mind to comprehend.

Really there were only two things I can remember from the show itself. One of which I think has been removed or altered because of how graphic it was. The first thing I can really remember was one of the songs and all the action around it. They sang, “Hosanna, Hey Sanna, Sanna Sanna Ho, Sanna Hey, Sanna Hey, Sanna Hosanna. Something Big J C, would you Die for Me”. I think it was the cachiness of the tune that got it to stick with me. I alway did have a knack for picking up songs since Barney and Sesame Street *whispers Manahmihna*. The second scene I can only remember the visual. That was the imagery of Judas hanging himself. I didn’t understand that symbolism. I didn’t understand what he had done. At the time, I didn’t really understand death. And yet, the imagery stuck with me. That was the first show…

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