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A MSA Board Meeting

So you ever wander what I do during one of these things? Well, we’re getting to the end of one here, but I thought I would try to enlighten you ever so slightly in the time I have here to post.

The night started in Workshop. Here we debate whatever the major topic of the night is. We don’t vote on anything, we just talk and hash things out. It’s better then having it stall in the meeting. Tonight’s topic was contracts, which surprisingly, we got done with a consenus. They may have even fixed the bug from last year’s contract.

So once that was done, we moved into the actual meeting. I helped the other student BOD member with his Cemestry stuff while a group presented a hot lunch program. Really, for the rest of the meeting we don’t do much. Sometimes we propose ideas. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we even give a suggestion that’s listened to, but most of the time, we sit here and make sure our rights aren’t violated.

Normally, we don’t need two of us, but the other guy is in training doing the stuff that I do now.. Which is a lot of nothing, kinda.

Now, don’t get my wrong. This role is very serious. I have been able to get free parking for MSA students. I have been able to secure open lunch for MSA students. I have been able to secure the day after Halloween as a vacation day. So I have done some good. As a person on staff as well, I am able to report on all the technobabel I do around here. Lately, that hasn’t been much, but it’s still something. The amount of work I do will skyrocket though coming this summer.

Simone is talking about stuff now that is being handed out for either next meeting or for our reading pleasure.

For those of you who think that was really boring. To bad, I posted it, you read it. I wasted parts of your life. Take resposibly for what you read online, not for what I put there.

Charter schools are such weird places. Unlike a district, we don’t have all that annoying administrative overhead that causes tight budgets that in turn cause students not to have paper to print on. We always have enough paper around here… To much most of the time. We don’t really have sports, but that will be changed here shortly, hopefully. Senate is still holding us up.

I haven’t talked to Amber yet today. I wonder how she’s doing. Maybe I’ll TM her phone later tonight.

Man… What would happen if 50% of MSA’s graduation class DID NOT graduate this year. That would be a sign that we need change. A very big sign, right on our backs.

Ok, well, I’m going to go now, this meeting is getting towards the end. Later oh world.

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