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Going for a Record

At the start of this post, the time was 10:00pm. Not that it’s relevant, but I hope to go for a few pages of text this time around. Sometimes, you just want to have a really long post. Don’t know if it will have much meaning, but it will at least be something I can look back on and say, “Hey, I wrote for a long time this one night and I only made 5 spelling mistakes.” Hopefully, that’s all I make.

Let’s start with current events. John is in the process of working on the new introduction movie for his site. It seems there was some sort of spelling delay, so it won’t be up for awhile. Of course, I should mention that it’s really cool so far and therefore, you all should go and see it sometime tomorrow or the next day, or the day after that. Even if it is just to see that no, John didn’t include Buffy in the video.

Amber updated. It wasn’t a very long update, but it was an update non the less. Our goal in life is to get that girl SO obsessed with updating that she updates about updates. Actually, noÂ… That’s not the best idea we’ve ever had. Instead, we just thank her for the updates she gives us now. She told me to keep encouraging her to update so that’s what I’ll do. AmberÂ… UPDATE!

Nikki updated as well. I hope she feels better soon. I feel kind of guilty about being the most likely person to have carried what is now affectionately being called Justin’s Acquired Respiratory Syndrome or JARS. Although JARS has yet to be proven to be fatal, it can and often does cause nasty body temperature changes, weird green stuff to be expelled through one’s nose, something often referred to as a whooping cough, and of course this incessant need to sleep. Although its commonly being misdiagnosed as the flu or common cold, it should be noted that if you have seen me lately, it’s more than likely JARS.

Amy just annoyed me with something about the difference between a Scottish actor’s accent and a Irish actor’s accent. She should just move to either Scotland or Ireland and live there for awhile, than the difference should be quite distinguishable for her and her friends to figure out. Why they care, only God knows. In case anyone cares: John Hannah from Four Wedding and a Funeral is Scottish.

OK, stepping back past the last half hour, we get to the Woodbury Senior High play I attended. The show’s title was Dearly Departed. The acting was good, but overall, the story line sucked. I think even an all-star cast would have caused the audience to wonder at the end, why did I take the time to see this play. It didn’t have any of those mind altering questions in it or attention gripping plot twists. But they did a good job with it non the less, and I do have to admit, there were a few good laughs.

Stepping back further into tonight, before the play at WHS, I went to Applebee’s with Amber and her sister. It was an interesting time because the computers went down so we didn’t get our drinks, and service was slow, and our bill was slow.. BLAH is what I have to say to that. We made it through it OK though.

The rest of my morning was spent mainly eating. I did clean out my car ever so slightly, but only enough to get the back end looking a little nicer, and to get all the trash from last night out as well. One of these days I’ll go out there with the scrubber thingy and make everything nice and clean to the point where it almost has that new car smell. Now that would be cool.

I think I did some other things today as well. I just don’t remember them. I know I didn’t work on the ISMS. I know I didn’t work on homework. I know I slept so well that I almost didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

This just in: Gordan and Johnson didn’t do overly hot in tonight’s race, which is kind of a bummer. They didn’t go out it looks like, and at some point in the night, Gordan was leading the race. My guess is some yellow flag caused some issue late in the race for them. That’s OK though, we are still 4th in points.

Let’s jump back to last night. X2 was a great movie. Had a great time seeing it. Not sure how many X-men comic fans read this site, nor how many comic fans haven’t already seen the movie, but for those of you who know what I’m talking about. The phoenix is here. Now let’s get into a little bit of Marvel history. Most of you understand that Jean Grey is Jean Grey. For some reason though, a good portion of her story get’s left out in any form but the comic. She actually starts off with an alias *at least in one of the series* as being “Marvel Girl”. Now, ok, sounds like a dumb name, and it kind of is. So everyone just left her with her public identity of Jean Grey. This is kind of rare considering that most of the X-men use their fake names despite having public identitys such as Cyclops as Scott Summers.

There is a mini series in the Marvel universe that causes Jean Grey to receive yet another name change though. It’s not overly noticable because wellÂ… No one called her Marvel Girl. The story line behind that seems to be scwed a little bit in the movie, but needless to say, it’s there. Phoenix is back. BWAHHA. Based on my predictions for the next movie, assuming they make one, it should feature Phoenix, the introduction of Beast *although he is an original X-men so he should have been in the first movie*. My guess is that it will be based around either the Juggernaut or Apocolypse story with some twist on the war. It might actually end up being the first round of the war, in which case, we will see the introduction of Sentintals, also very cool. Either way, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, do so.

The second movie was Dare Devil. I was never really a fan of the Dare Devil story. It was a weak comic to begin with in my mind. Marvel of course did a good job making the movie, I just feel that like the play I saw tonight, they didn’t have all the qualities they needed to work with it. That’s OK though, we still love you Marvel.

I’m going to diverge here a little. And talk a little bit more in story mode. I think it calls for a font change.

I was sitting in the chair
Just staring at my dash,
A dash of lights moving to the sound of a world so far away.
A world that I almost wish existed.
One where humans would have to learn to be closer together.
One where we would understand difference even more than we do now.
That world existed once.
And we overcame it.
Although remnants of it still remain.
One day though.

I looked to the right and in the mirror I could see the movie.
A reflection of the sound.
It’s hard to watch life through a mirror though.
Your never really sure if what your seeing isn’t your own reflection.

I looked up into the heavens.
The stars scattered all around.
Memories of looking up there before rush my heart.
The big dipper. The little dipper. Cassiopeia.
It made me think of life in the heavens.
What would be my heaven.

A friend once told me that forever is a long time
How would I want to spend forever.
I looked out the window to my left and I saw my vision of heaven.
It had nothing to do with gold, diamonds, pearls, or gates.
There in the distance, was a post with two lights on it.
You’ve all seen them, they are fairly standard when it comes to parking lots.

The two lights were on and glowing.
Side by side day in, day out, those lights glowed
But they didnÂ’t just glow
They glowed together. The halo around them wasn’t divided. It wasn’t two separate halos.
It was one single halo.

That’s how I vision Heaven.
Just us and God
Together as one to glow as one forever.

That’s how I vision love.
Just me and my wife
Growing together in a union of grace

That’s how I vision peace
Everyone glowing together
In a harmony of voices

A vision.

So I thought about letting that make it into the story section of the site, but it’s a little to realistic in my life to actually make it there. Maybe it will anyway. Don’t really know.

I sure can write a lot when I sit down to actually do it. I wonder what would happen if I tried to take like the ‘best of JJ’ and put it into a book. I wonder if the book would sell, if it would become a top 10 New York Time’s best seller. I wonder if it would touch lives and bring them to a better understanding with themselves, others, and God. Probably not without a few more interesting plot twists or exaggerations, but hey, why not just read it for free here.

I’m looking around me at a stack of work I should probably get done. I have some photos sitting on the digital camera that I need to get uploaded to Dorothy Ann Bakery. I’m planning on doing that tomorrow afternoon or night. I should have time then. I wonder if I even remember how to upload to that serverÂ… Oh well, worst case scenario I move them over to JR Corps and save them a buck or two. I should do that anyway.

I should also be working on my optimization lab. I really need to get it down to at least 25 seconds so that I get a 100 on it. I don’t need 100 to pass, nor extra credit to make my grade look any prettier, but it would be nice to finish off the year proving that I know what I’m doing.

There are also about a dozen folders sitting on my hard drive that contain files that all need to be sorted or renamed or moved. Not to mention the countless floppies that I need to sort through and either get the data off of, re-label, or destroy. I would also like to catalogue a few more music CD’s, although that can surely wait for awhile.

There’s about a dozen more things I could mention here, but no point. There wasn’t really a point in mentioning the things I just didÂ… Except wellÂ… to remember them 3 years from now when I want to know why I developed a file system that makes it impossible to find any photo I could ever want to view.

I thought about spending some time putting together some digital art tonight, but not really in the mood to do that. I just feel like writing. Writing about nothing if I have to. My mom mentioned earlier today that I have an uncanny ability to remember lines, even when they are the most pointless of things. The weird part is, if you ask me to memorize a set of lines, I can’t do it. I have to show some kind of interest in it to remember it. For example, I can quote a majority of episodes of BMW. I can quote almost all of Notting Hill. I can’t quote Dare Devil from last night, or any dates of the revolutionary war. Just wasn’t interested in knowing the exact day of when the Boston Tea Party happened, yet, remembering spike saying, “I went out in my God Damn underpants too” seems to stick with me. Go figure.

I was kind of hoping to write till midnight, but I’m not going to. This post is already longer than it needs to be. Who wants to read a 2500 word essay. Man, I don’t even write papers that long for school. I blame the motivation factor again. You’ve got to enjoy what your doing, and if you can’tÂ… Get out of it.

I would like to finish with a memoryÂ… Actually, no I wouldn’tÂ… But that’s not your concern now is it.

I rememberÂ…
The day we got our first computer. It was a Santa gift to the entire family. This was of course back when Packard Bell still existed, computers came with some weird designation of 386 or 486. No one had yet had the concept to name Windows with a year date after it. And a Gigabyte of storage was considered not only to be a pipe dream, but also be extremely pointless. AgainÂ… Go figure.

I can remember my parents thinking I was to young to know how to operate a computer. Of course they were right, I would have been whatÂ… 6 at the time. Truth be told though, my cousin had shown me how to do one thing with a computer, and I knew how to do that very well. That one thing of course was Paint. I knew how to get to it. I knew how to use it, and I wanted to use it the moment my parents had the computer all plugged together. This of course lead to them arguing with me for a very long time about what to do. They wanted to read everything. I wanted to draw. After about an hour of them looking in books, and me finally sneaking onto the new machine, I was able to get into paint and surprise everyone with my abilities on the computer. This is where it startedÂ… I would rant on how SimTower was the reason it continued, but that’s another story.

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