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It’s amazing how many things one person can be authenticated against within a matter of minutes just to make sure they are who they say they are. Currently, I am autheticated against the JR Corps server as myself and as well.. myself. One of me has some super powers, the other one is just an ordinary fellow that can read some text in bold I’m authenticated against my hotmail acount. I’m authenicated against the U of M twice.. Once with IT and once with X500. I’m authenicated with MSA. I’m authenicated with aim, my email(s). I mean common.. How many things must I log into?

I just submitted the first CSCI homework that I’ve had in awhile where I felt I wouldn’t be getting 100. That’s what I get for trying to work from home. Stupid 56k dialup connection makes it next to impossible to allow code to fly from your fingertips over a xterm window. I tried to work from MSA while I was there today, but due to the security I didn’t want to take down, I couldn’t make a connection with the U. BAH.

Went out to lunch with Amber. That was cool. Its been a fun weekend with her and Nikki. Highlight of the day was showing off some of the skills I rarely tell people I have.. Like for example, the ability to use a crowbar to get a door open, without breaking anything. Yep, I’m talented, beware.

It’s been a great weekend!! The rain is so calming.

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