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Out the Door

I can’t update long, and I don’t have much to say. That’s a nice combo so here goes.

Just woke up. Amy is still home sick, which is in my mind just wrong. She could have been perfectly healthy last friday. She just needs to get up and do something instead of sitting around on her lazy bum all day watching Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets over and over and over again.

I had a series of weird but good dreams. Ones that I wish I wouldn’t have only because they make me want things I can’t have right now.. Like a house in Flordia or a million dollars. Of course, you can always dream right.

I just went through the day section of this site and realized two things. I haven’t missed an update since March 24th. That means I made it all the way through April without a missed update. April was also the month with the most updates, compared to all the other months. I got to thinking this morning that assuming I never lose the server or the data on it, which might be a bad assumption.. It would be cool to have this journal/diary date all the way till like when I was dead. Not that I want to die, but don’t you think it would be cool for your friends and family to go back and look at your life and remember all the good and bad times you had your entire life. Man.. It would be crazy. Think about the field day historians could have looking at the life of one individual over the course of a time period 2 eon’s from now. If the data would last that long… Maybe I’ll burn 3 copies of this data to CD someday and bury it in a box. Probably some floppies too, and maybe some solid state stuff… I know they won’t have CD roms in the future…. but, the technology should be great enough that they can figure out how to get the data off if they REALLY REALLY wanted to. Odds are they will have all the data somewhere anyway, and you’ll be able to carry it around in your pocket.

Ok, I gots to get so school. Man writing this post didn’t kill any time at all. ERG. Later.

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