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Could Be Bad

This morning before I left for school, I know I started a post. I also know that it’s not online. Based on those two assumptions, I never hit the submit button. Now, if we think this one through to completion, that would imply not only did I not finish the post, but I probably never closed the IE window from which I was posting. Now tie in the fact that my sister is home sick for the 6th day in a row. I’m a little concerned that she will post something. Perhaps I should just change my admin panel’s password so that even if she does hit submit, it won’t go through. Yes, that’s what I will do.

I’m not really in the mood to be awake. Like John, I too feel this stack of things piling up due to the end of the year. I’ve got it pretty well under control, but eh, I’ll list what’s all going on anyway. For those of you who don’t read this regularly, it might be a good place to recap.

In the scheme of school, I have 2 lectures that I will attend for sure left, I have 1 lab report to write, I have 1 homework assignment left to type up, and 1 quiz. That’s a pretty normal work load for me in an average week, so no concerns. My finals next week fall on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. They are nicely spread out so I don’t think I’ll be overly stressed. However, if we tie finals week with my next issue you can see where we might have a problem.

Next week I actually start school at MSA. Justin? Go to school at MSA? no way. Well, I don’t think I will be going their for much. Hopefully, if I can get away with it, I will only be taking Softball, and perhaps helping teach a computer course. The rest of my spare time can then be put into starting to make the conversations to MSA’s computer network. Don’t know, but I need to talk to Pat about it. There is some slight concern about me graduating, but eh, worst case scenario, I’ll get the Board of Directors to wave my requirements. They love me afterall :-).

Also on my mind are some upcoming events. As of right now *and yes this seems to change a lot* I am going to prom with Amber. That should be cool, but of course whenever I attend an event where my entire past is at, I get a little nerved. We’ll have a good time though. Emperors ball is also coming up. It’s a little further out, but still, big event.

Some major decisions have to be made here shortly as well. The most recent one is one I have to make in the next 12 hours. I register for classes today. This is also the day I can choose to take summer classes or not to take summer classes. I know the credit load I took last summer, on top of the timing of the class, was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Still, it can save me some time in college college if I take them. Oh I don’t know. I have 12 hours to decide.

Derek also wants me to go to Arizona. Amber and Nikki want me to go to Sonshine. Not to mention any servant events I might want to help with like the Garage Sale, Twins Games, etc. I’m not signed up for a single one. We also have a family vacation that needs a date if we are going to do it. I don’t know.

There are a few other things that are on my mind as well, but I think Amber may be telling me the best advice and for some reason I just don’t hear it. She keeps telling me to do what makes me happy. I guess the trick to do that is figuring it out. Someone needs to write that down, “The key to a happy life is not only know what you want, but how to get it.” Nope. I don’t like that. Let’s rephrase “The key to a successful life is not only knowing what you want but how to get it.” ok that’s better, but it wasn’t what I wanted to define. “The key to a happy life is love.” That one I like. Let’s make it simpilar. “Happy Life is one with Love.” That sounds good.

Ok, because I am having fun avoiding homework, or any work at all really… I have decided that because me and John are continually stealing parts of each others site *all in good taste mind you*, that I was going to steal his content for today. I don’t think I will ever do it again, but it sounds like it might be interesting. Mayhaps allow for people to see a larger connection between the two sites.

Begin Copy: Bold = JJ::italics = Original Post

Why me? Good question…

Why does all the bad stuff happen to me? Would you believe me if I said it doesn’t?. I just don’t get it. What did I do wrong… Maybe it doesn’t happen to me but it just feels like it does. Bingo I dont know. Just gave a presentation and I was a stuttering machine. I never stutter… what is wrong with me. Maybe I just didnt practice it. Maybe…Stutter… now that’s a song I haven’t heard in awhile….

Well I guess I can start with the end of sunday. Sunday was bah. I finished no hmwrk… which is bad because that means I did none all weekend. I am retarded so to speak. But I did do some fun things. I shot hoops in the rain for awhile and watched The Transporter with my dad. I like that movie, very cool fight scenes. Got to love the fight scenes. Then it was off to bed to write number 94. What was the debate again? What was cooler, XXX or The Transporter… Hmm… No comment.

I woke up yesterday morning ten mins before I had to be on the bus. I dont know how i did it but I got on it. No o chem lab yesterday which yielded more time for working on the o chem lab *1 hour* before Justin Thats me gave me a ride home. I then worked on my presentation for today and made some stunning transparencies. OOO… ahhhh… then I went to my clarinet lesson with a little less of that because my reed is shit. Literally.So tell us, how in the world did you get shit in the shape of a reed, let alone, get the shit to vibrate? Gotta love taking things literally :-). Excuse my language. Went home and I watched tv and the wild game for awhile. I managed somehow to watch all two hours of buffy, and they were good episodes too. After all this comotion I went to bed to attempt to write 95 and it has a most horrible ending so I think I may rewrite it. All my ideas went bye-bye as it rolled later into the night.
I’m starting to think I should think about publishing my poetry. But then, whose to say they will like it and actually buy it.See this is where Poetry.com has the gig rigged. They will publish your poetry for you and make money off of it, but you don’t see a dime. Down with poetry.com I say. I was thinking to have a book with one type and the other. Types maybe to be named later. With illustrations! Not mine, so its even better. Whatever the case, it would be fun and I could get some money. But my poetry is crazy and you have to know me to understand it. Of course, writing is just my mind on paper and to understand it means, well, who understands everything about the mind anyways. But it was a thought… i’ve got enough. Shakespeare… you’re going down!Resorting to taking people who are already dead, out even further… Interesting goal John… Interesting Goal…
As for this morning. Great bus riding with reciting my (chad and my) presentation to myself while ppl around me thought I was hearing voices and responding back. They were just jealous that you could hear them and they couldn’t. Wait, that means you took the bus… Does that mean you want a ride? You know when and where… After five mins of hell I hung around after with some friends and talked about stuff and I found out the Wild won 7 to 2… or something like that.Yes, it was very cool. I went to bed at 6 to 2 late in the 3rd, but yes… If we could pull out two more wins… Definately going to watch the game wednesday night. It will be great. Anyways, I’ve got to end this post because its too long and the hits went bye-bye lately also. But I can’t control you guys. Not yet at least…BWHAHAHHAHAH
I remember: *Yes I am copying Justin’s post-post* For those of you who are wondering if Justin encourages coping parts of the site that seem kind of unique. I do. Please. Take any part of the site that you think is cool and apply it to yours. Why? Because it allows more people to see how other people think, AND it makes me feel good that some of my ideas are actually worth replicating. Whats the saying? Imitation is the highest form of flatery? The worst feeling of my life was a dreadful silence on the other end of the telephone line which was followed by, “Ok, I’m hanging up now…” To which I responded, “ok…” *click* Possibly one of the most horrible feelings a person can ever have, is when they tell somebody they love that it won’t work anymore. You should try it in person, right when you arrive at their house and can’t leave for 6 hours. That leads to interesting things. If any of you have went through this, my peace goes out to you…yeah, thanks, mine goes out as well. It sucks.
Ok, enough with that. It’s starting to get sunny so I think I will go outside for awhile. Later post.

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