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Welcome to March. I am now JJ the Troll. With this, could mean sudden changes in moods. One moment I will be above it all, the next, down in the sewers.
I blaim spring for this giddy holiday. It’s a holiday of pain, its a time of love and hate. Well, as we can see this started already today… My day started off like every other.
School. I was on time, attentive, and had fun with my friends there. Someone even asked to give me a hickey, which was well, weird. Mainly because she has a boyfriend, mainly because I’m not that kind of guy.
I then came home and help run another USAT meet. All went well. I even ran into an old teammates parent. We got to talking and someone even suggested dating my old teammate. Very interesting idea. Probably shouldn’t persue.
Just one of those things where I think I will fail yet again. I then screwed up. I got the wrong scores for the meet, then got the wrong scores again, and finally got them right. This ticked me off, this ticked the people off, this made me look bad.
And to think, someone was singing my praises only seconds before. It is a horrible thing to know that you can ruin your name in a matter of seconds. Well, it was my fault. My mistake. Dont rush, it doesnt work… I am now home, being a Troll. I think I might charging tolls to view the site.
Maybe not…

Rehtoric Lesson For the Day:
Major Premise: All men make mistakes
Minor Premise: JJ in a man
Conclusion: JJ makes mistakes.

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