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Krispy Kreme Rainatholon

So last night, I was up late watching the Wild pounce all over Vancover. It’s just amazing I tell ya, just amazing. Had a good conversation with Amber during most of it. Sometime during the night it became apparent that she needed a ride to a fundraiser our church was having. I volunteered to help her out and so I set my alarm for 5:00am and fell asleep.

Surprisingly, I woke up on time. I got out of bed with little to no hastle from myself. I go in the car and to Amber’s and to church with plenty of time. We loaded up 400 dozen, (thats 4800 donuts mind you) donuts in the car(s) and took them to the park and ride. Now somewhere in here I failed to mention that it was pouring rain out this morning. I believe the term we were using was “horizontal rain”. As you can well imagine, this hindered sales greatly. We ended up selling a staggaring 65 dozen donuts. Not good when the break even point is 150. Now, let’s step back a moment, and see how marketing structure could have been better.

I had an idea when this all started. A very good idea. It fell through mainly because there were adults and to many children. My idea, was that we would load the donuts into my middle seat of my explorer. Amber and I would drive over to the park and ride and park my car on the sidewalk right ahead of where the bus normally stops. We would put the signs on the side of the car, open up the glass window *not the hatch* and sit inside selling donuts to riders. The donuts would have been secure in the middle seat. Amber and I would have been dry sitting in the back, and we probably would have been able to sell more donuts because A) we would have been closer to the bus, and B) the glass hatch would provide some protection from the rain. I got to thinking about we could provide more protection, and that just required an overhang… Could have built that out of my sleeping bag. Either way, I think we would have sold more. Remember that when me and Amber start our summer job of selling fund raising donuts for our own funds.

On the upside of everything, there is a garage sale today at church. When I left this morning, there must have been at least 25 people in the room, with more coming in every minute. With that in mind, I hope that some of our lower cost donuts sold there today as well. That will go on for two days. Worst case scenario… They don’t sell very well, we lower the price yet again, and sell them sunday morning. They’ll definently sell then. But still.. 400 dozen.. Ouch.

I ended up getting home with just enough time to take a shower, finish my homework, and get to school. CRAZY I tell ya. OH YEAH, I also somehow managed to stop into MSA briefly to pick up some stuff, drop off a paper for Mr. Simone to sign to I can go to prom, and grab a computer to repair over the weekend. I will be there again tomorrow morning for the garage sale, but eh. Speaking of which, I need to go garage sale shopping… Probably do that tonight with Amber before movie night. (not at my house, so don’t show up here!)

Nikki is working tonight at Sgt. Peppers. I guess she is working tomorrow as well cause I get to fill in for her at a twin’s game. That should be a blast. I get to hang out with friends, catch at least the end of the twin’s game, serve other’s, and above all else having fun. That combined with working the MSA garage sale tomorrow will make that day seem overly productive as well. I wonder if I’m the person opening the building tomorrow. Hmmm good question…

I think I’m going to go read for a little while until Amber get’s back to me. Oh she just did, but hey, 🙂 I’m out.