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Talk about being productive. Extremely productive. Woke up again this morning after a late night here at Amber’s. We took her computer to MSA where we started a repair job their last night.

Well, after waking up, I headed for Amber’s house yet again, this time at 6:45am. We went to perkins and had some of that breakfast stuff. There was this caribou I will upload a picture of when I write a more detailed post about this weekend.. Probably tomorrow while waiting for mother’s day plans to occure.

But yeah, Perkin’s to MSA garage sale. MSA garage sale repaired Amber’s computer. Started builing a server but there is something wrong with the boot loader on the server… Diagnostics prove my theory of something being wrong with the array. But I’ll worry about it later.

I then went to perkins with a group of 5 girls I don’t normally go with. Kidna fun, more later.

Then to a twin’s game. More tomorrow.

Back to Amber’s where we relaxed and finished the computer.


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